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Airpush and Tapcore merge to create the world’s most powerful solution to combat mobile advertising fraud

Tapcore’s revolutionary technology unites with Airpush’s vast data set and publisher base to help minimize advertising fraud and reclaim billions a year in lost revenue due to app piracy.

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Mobile app piracy: who’s profiting from your ideas?

Content piracy and intellectual property theft date back to the days of video cassettes and music downloads, but the way pirates operate in the app economy is far more sophisticated – and dangerous.

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Alternative app stores: make money but watch your back for app piracy

Apps are a global market, so it’s no wonder more app companies are looking beyond the Apple-Google duopoly of Apple iTunes and Google Play to distribute and monetize their apps. The buzzword is alternative app stores and, true to the name, distributing your app via the hundreds of alternative Android app stores offers a host of opportunities – and threats – you should have at the front of your mind as you map out your strategy to market and monetize your app.

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