Detect and Monetize Pirated Installations of Your Apps
About Tapcore
Tapcore technology allows mobile developers to detect all illegal copies of their mobile applications and generate revenue from them. When your app is pirated, the Tapcore SDK starts displaying ads to the pirated user. It also provides you with critical analytics regarding illegal installations of your apps. We can't stop piracy, but we can help you monetize and track pirated installations of your IP!
  • Easy to Integrate
    Easy to Integrate
    It will take less than 10 minutes to add the Tapcore SDK to your app. We support iOS SDK and all the major Android frameworks, including Android Native, Unity, GameMaker: Studio, Adobe Air and more!
  • Advanced SDK
    Advanced SDK
    Tapcore’s smart algorithm is able to track worldwide illegal installs, collect analytics and display highly targeted ads to pirated users.
  • Encrypted Code
    Encrypted Code
    Our obfuscation mechanism is so advanced that it is almost impossible to remove the Tapcore SDK from the app. There is a 98% probability rate that Tapcore code will remain intact when your app gets pirated.
  • Zero Impact on Legitimate Users
    Zero Impact on Legitimate Users
    Tapcore technology does not affect legitimate users. Our ads exclusively target pirated users.
  • Compatible With Any Monetization Strategy
    Compatible With Any Monetization Strategy
    Due to its specific purpose, Tapcore does not compete with your current in-app monetization strategy and plays well with any ad network.
Ad Formats
We work hard to create the perfect user experience, even for pirated users of your mobile applications. Our ads can be displayed inside and outside of the app. Tapcore’s ad formats will blend in seamlessly and the users can opt out at any time.
  • Banner Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Google Play Redirect Push Notifications Tapcore serves Push notifications informing your pirated users of the alternative app version that they use.
  • Video Trendy engaging Videos and Rewarded Videos - promising ad format with a lasting emotional impression.
  • Interstitial Ads A variety of full-screen ads used in a way of Screen lockers or Slide down interstitial.
  • Native Ads Highly effective non-disruptive ads that will appear as a part of the content of the running apps on the user's device.
  • Banner Ads Simple and versatile banners have become the most popular ad format to date.
  • Google Play Redirect Push Notifications
  • Video
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Banner Ads
The Tapcore dashboard provides you with everything you need to view your statistics and monitor your revenue flow.
  • Online Revenue Reports

    See your earnings, access our reporting API, and export data in .csv or .xls – all in a simple, yet powerful reporting dashboard.

  • Flexible Payout Schedule

    Get monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly payouts. Contact your account manager for more information.

  • Choose Your Payment Method

    Get your payment via wire transfer, eCheck, Check, Paypal, Prepaid debit card, Bitcoin, Litecoin, ePayments wallet, Yandex.Money or VisaQIWI wallet.

Success Stories
We help mobile developers secure the future of their apps and ensure that they get their well-deserved revenues, even when their app has been pirated. We are delighted to share some quotes of our succesful partnerships.
  • i
  • “As a major player on the market, we are well aware of the piracy problem. However, we found a way to monetize illegal installs of our games only when we started working with Tapcore. Easy integration, great support, handy statistics and a possibility of customization are a big plus!”
    Evgeny Kapustin
    Evgeny Kapustin
  • “I know piracy is a big problem, but I could never think it's that easy to cope with it. It took me a few minutes to add Tapcore SDK to the code of Real Retro Games, and now I get compensated for each stolen copy of it”
    Andrii Baranovsky
    Andrii Baranovsky
  • “Thanks to Tapcore's dashboard, we know that about 15% of our installs are pirated. We have integrated Tapcore and tested it very cautiously over a long period of time. Since we rolled out the Tapcore version to product, the results are phenomenal. The revenues are practically doubling each month. It helps us monetize a channel we wouldn't otherwise monetize whatsoever. We are constantly monitoring our ratings and reviews on Google Play and we are 100% sure that Tapcore did not have any negative impact on our app.”
    Alik Hochner
    Alik Hochner
    CEO Baloota Applications
  • “Tapcore is by far the best piracy monetization tool there is and have for us generated serious revenue. I was expecting Tapcore to generate $10-$20 / day if that, but in reality it's 50 times that and growing. I recommend everyone to try it.”
    Patrik Knutsson
    Patrik Knutsson
    CEO, Level Eight AB