Let's earn from your pirate users.

Tapcore detects your Android app’s pirate installs and earns you up to $0.50 per install.
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  • 1 Install Tapcore

    It takes less than 3 minutes to install Tapcore’s SDK. We support Android Native, Unity 3D, and Adobe Air.

  • 2 System will detect your pirated apps

    Tapcore’s unique patent-pending algorithm will find your app’s pirated installs.

  • 3 Earn up to $0.50
    per install

    You earn money every time your app gets installed from outside Google Play.

Why 500 developers use Tapcore:

Why 500 developers use Tapcore:

  • Retroactive earnings reporting

    See your earnings, access our reporting API, export data in .csv and .xls – all in a simple yet powerful reporting dashboard

  • Flexible payouts

    Get paid monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly. Email your account manager for more information

  • Perfect user experience

    Even when your app is nulled your users should have a perfect experience. Tapcore’s ad formats will blend in seamlessly

And why ≈ 50 new devs sign up weekly:

And why ≈ 50 new devs sign up weekly:

  • Advanced SDK

    Tapcore scans your app for 20 factors, including where it was downloaded from and if a user has 3rd-party stores on his device. If it’s pirated, Tapcore will know

  • Encrypted code

    According to our hacker testings, there’s a 98% probability rate that Tapcore code will be safe and well when your app gets nulled

  • 0 impact on legit users

    Tapcore plays well with any ad network. Only pirated users see ads so the experience for legit users stays exactly the same

With Tapcore developers earn on average $1,942 / month...

  • Badri Bebua Ball Travel 3D Badri Bebua

    Ball Travel 3D is a real hit – not only on Google Play, but also on 3rd-party pirate stores. Badri Bebua, the developer behind the game, was filing multiple copyright infringements against the bad guys – a really slow and unscalable process. After integrating Tapcore, Badri Bebua was monetizing pirates in just 10 minutes.

  • NOMOC Real Retro Games NOMOC

    Real Retro Games is a collection of the best games from the most popular console of the 90s - Brick Games. It has been one of the top apps on popular pirate markets like APK4Fun and 4pda. Luckily, Real Retro Games dev Andrii Baranovskyi was in time with the integration of Tapcore SDK and ensured revenues even from pirated copies of his game.

Stop fighting your pirates. Start earning from them. Integrate Tapcore Now